Why Consider

The Authentic Behavior Contrast

Because Authenticity is so vital to the human experience…
…and without it we’re subject to the loss of “what could be”.
We use the ABContrast™ to show you how to win EVERYDAY…
…and also what might, at times, be keeping you from success!
Because we offer the most complete system on the market…
…with 6 unique areas to assess your personality & behavior!
Our system elevates your natural giftsets, bringing satisfaction…
…to your communications, relationships, influences & teamwork!

Why the Authentic Behavior Contrast?

There's nothing like it - you can experience the highest accuracy product on the market - today!

We've created a way for everyone to better communicate influences in relationships and teamwork.

Billions Of Possibilities

Our 4 directions of preference identify you as one of our 5 mains types (or a pairing thereof) in each of our 6 complementing areas of assessment. You results will prove how unique you are - there are:





And our PREMIUM Content caters to teams via consultants and managers, provides tools for counselors and coaches, and to the individual looking for an edge.



PERSPECTIVES is a fast paced product that gives deep insights in the 6 ABContrast areas.

You can try it for free - how's that for simple?!

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You’ll discover true nature.

People spend enormous energies and time looking for happiness based on mistaken assumptions. These false assumptions can be based on things thought about personality since childhood. Or they can be based on the internalization of opinions from others that should have been disqualified.

Find your happiness.

You won’t find happiness until you’ve discovered your truth – your authentic nature. And not just qualities that you think you want or that others want you to have. We’ll help you discover the qualities that make up your true nature – for increases in happiness and productivity!

More informative. Deeper Insight.

The ABContrast is the most useful personality assessment on the market today.

Because our contrasts aren’t tests, we reflect your personality more accurately.

Your authentic preferences are identified, and you’re not just given vague results from generalized models.

Our assessments fit your personality. Not the other way around.

Authentic identity.

We understand not only by what something is – but also by what it isn’t - contrasting opposites. Up and down. Hot and cold. Likes and aversions.

We grasp ideas and qualities – then your identity is revealed!

Our assessments thoroughly contrast you in each of our unique personality areas. Knowing it's complicated, we guide you through it, to reveal true nature’s advantages.

6 key personality areas.

When we mention likes and aversions, we’re not just referring to everyday preferences. We study your core needs in the six major areas of human interaction and behavior.

By analyzing the contrast of your preferences in all areas, we’ll draw a complete picture of your authentic self.

We both know it's time - for you to go for it!


The ABContrast™ is the premier instrument for measurement of human preferences in AUTHENTOLOGY™ – the study of our authentic natures, personality perspectives and behavioral solutions. Identification of authentic preferences through the Authentic Behavior Contrast will provide new insights to improve your exchanges with others as well as give you options for processing the interactions in which others have similarly engaged you. What you prefer matters! - and that’s what we’ve carefully measured.
Our heart is to share passion for personal discovery and development – to share it in a way that emboldens your own desire for the same. We intend to offer you seeds of thought (perspective if you will) that will blossom and improve your life – even if only a little. And then you’ll take what you learned and respectfully offer ways to improve the life of others – if even only a little. This process keeps repeating like a ripple effect in water, and soon a movement of increased interpersonal understandings and next level approaches to our communicated influences is birthed – with the entire world being the beneficiary of our willing and intentional efforts.
This is our heart and your choice – will you join us?


The Authentic Behavior ContrastTM system was created for the purposes of defining and illuminating the unique natural behavior profile of a person in 6 key categories - Contemplation, Connection, Command, Cooperation, Closeness and Contribution. The ABContrastTM system is unique and thoroughly crafted to achieve maximum accuracy and full consideration of the nuances of every answer selection for each part of each of the 6 areas.

1% maybe, 99+% not at all... The ABContrastTM doesn't measure your personality - it measures your authenticity and preferences thereof. You can pick your personality and change it as you see fit, but your authenticity is constant and the location of your inner confidence, peace, resolve and strength.

Once we recognize the need increase the quality of our communications and influences to others, as well as increase the quality of our reception of the same, we will increase the quality of the outcomes of those exchanges. Awareness, and then willingness, that there's improved ways to respect ourselves while respecting others is how we shatter the barriers of misunderstanding and relational divides. Once we evolve in our processes, we evolve in relationships with other people and create a better world.

Do you ever feel like life could be easier if we all just didn't make it so hard? Me too. We make it hard when we leave our "lane". Staying "in our lane" means we get the most positive outcome from the least amount of our effort. This multiplies our effectiveness and creates opportunities we wouldn't otherwise access while reducing much of our difficulties in life.

We all struggle with our behaviors. We all lack some sort of authenticity at times. When we surrender authenticity, we subject ourselves to stressors. The only way to eliminate stress and return to a position of peace is to resume authentic behaviors

Each area has 49 potential types and there are 6 total areas. Since each ABContrastTM looks at an individual across all the possibilities in each of the areas, there's an incredible potential of almost 15 BILLION combinations. Yeah, it's complicated on our end but worth it!

Well now, isn't that the question of all questions?!! Purchase access to the ABSOLUTE HARMONYTM© book and pour over the details. Find a great counselor that can speak life into the tensions and opportunities that come about with your developing understanding of your identity in authenticity. Plug into our system by signing up for newsletters or asking questions on our website contact tab. Breathe. Smile. Be your self!!

Newly released in 2020, the ABContrastTM is a fresh product on the market. It's based on universal and age old concepts of preferential differences in the human condition.

Much consideration went into the narrowing and selection of the categorical areas. To qualify for final selection, an area needed to both stand alone in that it contained elements that were not covered by other areas, but it also needed to have complimentary overlap with those other areas. We've attained those traits with the 6 areas of the ABContrastTM.

Yes and no. Your result is based on the answers you give to your preferences. The ABContrastTM is carefully engineered to look at your many data inputs in several different directions in a cross examining fashion. You can always come back and retake the ABContrastTM, and your result will be in line with your original should you give similar answers. Be authentic and honest and your results will be spot on.

It's always great to have healthy outside perspective. This system will be used in unique ways by those currently under the direction of counsel and those without counsel. We think it's a great tool for you and your counselor to use to discover your behavioral identity and then move forward more effectively from there.

We've set a goal to reach 100 million people with the ABContrastTM and to be the spark that ignites positive, effective and lasting change. As such, we've made the price for the contrast result interpretation in line with relative affordability for all.

The absolute plan covers it all - if you don't perceive benefit from all of it (but we think you will) - you've only lost a bit of time and money. The other plans are for those that want a narrower focus of interpreted result and perspective. It will not be uncommon for a user to purchase a single or double area package and then proceed to another or the full package afterwards.

Simple! Check out the MANAGER pathway in Premium Content! Or Contact Us for custom quote requests.