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Why do people see the same thing very differently? It’s all about perspective – we each have our own!

Have you always suspected you have unrealized potential? We’re certain this is the case – so we unlock the true you!

With team ABContrast, you’ll learn of your authentic self with a free personality test that offers perspective into who you are and what makes you amazingly unique.

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learn how you communicate internally to yourself

Contemplation is the thought processing behind interactions with others, and your ideas on how past, present, and future interactions occur. We develop and draw conclusions based on communications with ourselves


discover how you externally communicate to others

Connection is our need for social interactions and intellectual expressions to and from others. Connection is accomplished through a variety of methods. As interaction with others is vital, this area looks at your true communication nature.


find out how you demonstrate influences toward others

Command establishes influence and control. Whether through assumed or earned leadership, we command in a variety of ways. At the heart of this area is what one believes their influence responsibility is over and to other people.


learn all about how you tolerate influences from others

Cooperation is about tolerance levels for any influence from others toward yourself. Will you comply? Will you rebel? Does it depend on the situation? We'll determine how you're composed in the influence area of cooperation.


know the inner workings of the relational depths you desire

Closeness is about your regard for deep-level relationships and vulnerability, love, affection, and other interpersonal emotions. This can include relationships with a romantic partner, friendship, caretaker, or other close ones.


master teamwork placement & group effort functionality

Contribution is about your teamwork, and just how you'll “fit” in a group setting. Your communicated influences show up and determine how you'll synergize with a team, varying based on your personality and life experiences.