One Contrast For Myself

    Personal Authenticity and Behavior Assessment

  • The ABContrast guides you to your identity and natural giftings. Our personal behavior assessment is the perfect way to discover who you truly are and puts you on the path to unlocking your full potential.
  • Here for yourself? GREAT! You've always known there is more to you than everyone can see, right?
    • It's likely that you don't know the half of it! Let us show you the real you - who you really are and WHY you are amazing :)
    • With the INDIVIDUAL premium content, we offer 5 different plans - and the highest value of those is in the ABSOLUTE Plan
    • ~ Your Communication styles will be identified, and the results of your communications will substantially improve - WITHIN you, FROM you & TO you ~
    • ~ Your Influences style will be discovered, and you'll better understand how influence works - FROM you & TO you ~
    • ~ Relationships will be much more enjoyable through your understanding of boundaries and the many other perspectives - YOU WANT THIS ~
    • ~ Teamwork will be improved such that amazing positive effect will become commonplace - YOU NEED THIS ~
    • Our personal behavior assessment is used to measure your authentic behavior through the 6 areas of the ABContrast:
    • Contemplation - this is how you think and how you communicate to yourself.
    • Connection - how you communicate with others through talking and body language.
    • Command - how you influence other people to your will and preferences.
    • Cooperation - how you'll receive or reject influences from others.
    • Closeness - just how deeply do you develop relationships - let's find out!
    • Contribution - can you say TEAMWORK? This is the group effort measurement area!
    • FIND YOUR SELF through the Authentic Behavior Contrast - TODAY!

    • Reach out to Team ABContrast today to learn more about our premium personal behavioral assessment program and to begin your journey today.

~ Learn how YOUR communicated influences affect relationships & teamwork! Everything from the Communication, Influence, Relationship & Teamwork Plans is part of this ABSOLUTE Plan - all 6 areas! ~



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~ This plan is all about Contribution – (teamwork & group effort). Whether at work, on a team, in a group or as part of an organization, your contribution levels are our focus here ~



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~ This plan is focused on influence to others through Command – (demonstrated influence), as well as influence from others in an area called Cooperation – (tolerated influence)



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~ This plan focuses on communications with ourselves through Contemplation – (internal communication), and with others through Connection – (external communication) ~



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~ This plan is all about Closeness – (relational proximity & depth). Your relationships with a significant other, close friends, siblings, parents, children & similar are highlighted here ~



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